Won – Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence

Today I was told that I have won a 2013 Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence.

I was nominated last year on the basis of my Colleges of Science Award for Teaching Excellence.

The prize is $5000 and a framed certificate, to be presented at the Conferring of Awards ceremony in July.

Philanthropic endowment launched

Today the Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science Endowment went live through ANU Philanthropy.

I set up this endowment with $4000, the majority of my winnings for my 2012 Colleges of Science Award for Teaching Excellence.

Its purpose is to fund, in perpetuity, five prizes for undergraduate science communication students. The first winners will be awarded the prizes this year.

The Colleges of Science generously matched my $4000 contribution, bringing the starting capital to $8000. Further donations are welcome and are tax deductible.

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Career highlights

Some highlights of my academic career at the time of launching this site. See the pages on this site for details.

Won a top teaching award
ANU Colleges of Science Award for Teaching Excellence 2012

Edited a book
Doctor Who and Race, forthcoming from Intellect Books 2013

Invited to write an encyclopedia entry
‘Science fiction’ in Springer’s peer-reviewed Encyclopedia of Science Education 2012

Published with second year students in a top journal
‘How do people think about the science they encounter in fiction? Undergraduates investigate responses to science in The Simpsons‘, published in the International Journal of Science Education Part B 2012

Wrote my own courses
SCOM2003, written 2009, first run 2010
and SCOM3003, written 2010, first run 2011

Completed my damn PhD
Enlightenment was the Choice: Doctor Who and the Democratisation of Science, awarded 2010
After 1 change of university, 2 changes of department, 3 office moves, 4 changes of topic, 5 years of study, 6 (million) swear words and 7 years of my life