I have won numerous awards and prizes for my teaching, research and study.

Teaching Prizes

  • 2020 Dean’s Commendation for Excellence in Education for Programs that Enhance Learning (Team)
  • 2013 Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence
  • 2013 ANU Commendation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning
  • 2012 Colleges of Science Award for Teaching Excellence
  • 2009 ResearchFest Award for Excellence in Tutoring or Demonstrating

Student Research Prizes and Scholarships

  • 2004 Vice Chancellor’s Supplementary Scholarship
  • 2004 Australian Postgraduate Award
  • 2004 Best Botany Presentation, ANU Botany & Zoology Postgrad Conference
  • 2003 Best Student Presentation, 150 Years Systematic Botany Conference
  • 2003 ANU University Medal
  • 2003 ANU Janet Elspeth Crawford Prize (best female Science Honours student)
  • 2002 ANU Honours Scholarship

Undergraduate Prizes

  • 2001 La Trobe Alumni Association Prize (best final year student, Faculty of Science, Technology & Engineering)
  • 2001 La Trobe A. B. Wardrop Prize (best third year botany student)
  • 2000 La Trobe Best Second Year Botany Student Prize
  • 1999-2001 La Trobe Faculty of Sci, Tech & Eng Dean’s Honour Roll