Research t-shirts

I’ve started an addictive new hobby – making designs for t-shirts (or coffee mugs, notebooks, throw cushions, and more) to celebrate my academic publications.

The fantastic platform Redbubble allows anyone to upload designs for free and then shows what they would look like on a t-shirt, coffee mug etc. Members of the public can then buy a t-shirt or coffee mug with your design on it, and you have the option to make some money out of it, but adding a percentage onto the sale price (you determine the percentage).

I have a 0% markup on all my items as I’m not interested in money. But I’ve become completely addicted to making and buying my own designs.

I’ve made one design to celebrate a forthcoming paper in Historical Records of Australian Science about science communication in colonial Sydney, here in coffee mug form:


Another celebrates my many publications that reference mad botanist Harrison Chase from Doctor Who (shown here adorning a laptop case):


A third celebrates not one of mine, but a classic history of science paper that has rocked my world since reading it in 2013:


And here’s a toast to my favourite philosophe, on a notebook this time:


Finally I couldn’t go past the jelly babies image from my book Doctor Who and Race (throw cushion):


No doubt there’ll be more – check in at my Redbubble portfolio to find out.