Media coverage

Note: For media coverage and reviews of my book ‘Doctor Who and Race’, see that book’s accompanying blog


Stephen Luntz (2019) How Doctor Who changes fans’ views of science. IFL Science!, 27 December. Covers my 2019 journal paper on this.

Lorraine Boissoneault (2019) How 18th-Century Writers Created the Genre of Popular Science. Includes interview with me about this topic.

Matthew Kilburn (2017) Texting the Doctor. Doctor Who Magazine, Special 47. Includes interview with me re Doctor Who and Race.

Tessa Koumoundouros (2016) Sticky fictions. Lateral Magazine, 8 September (Issue 14). Includes interview with me re science in fiction.

James Gill (2016) Yet another thing Doctor Whodoes very well: portraying women in science. RadioTimes, 19 May. Covers my paper on this topic.

James Whitbrook (2016) Doctor Whohas a long history of supporting female scientists. io9, 19 May. Covers my paper on this topic.

Matt Finch (2016) Curious, mysterious, marvellous, electrical: Mouth on legs. MarvellousElectrical, 22 April. Interview with me re Doctor Who.

Carrie Arnold (2016) RateMyProfessor loves old, white, male teachers. The Daily Beast, 15 March. Covers my paper on Doctor Who & gender.

Simon Mulvaney (2014) The art of unlecturing. The Undergraduate Researcher, 27 March. A report on my course SCOM2003 Science in Popular Fiction.

Lara Nicholson (14 August 2013) Nothing bad about breaking show’s stigma. The Canberra Times, 2. An interview with my student Dr Don Gomez and me about Don’s research and science in the television show Breaking Bad.

Jolene Laverty (3 May 2013) Interview with me on Drive, 666 ABC Canberra, about my 4 May lecture for the Canberra Skeptics, ‘Doctor Who – science win or science fail?’.

Ginger Gorman (7 October 2012) Interview with me on The Emporium, 666 ABC Canberra, about my Doctor Who research.

An edited version was replayed on The Science Show, ABC Radio National, 27 April 2013.

Lindy Orthia (May 2012) Why did I publish a paper with undergraduate students about science in The Simpsons? Yliopistolainen, the Helsinki University’s staff magazine, section ‘Top 100’, 8. (invited article)

Lindy Orthia (March 2012) Doctor Who’s mad scientists. People and Science, 23. (invited article)

Casey Hamilton (Autumn 2012) The secret science of The Simpsons. ANU Reporter, 30-31.

Ron Cerabona (12 November 2011) Looking for a big bang. The Canberra Times, ‘Panorama’, 15-16. An interview with me and two of my students, Rashel Li (PhD) and Martina Donkers (Honours), about our research projects studying the impacts of popular fiction on public attitudes to science.

Rami Ibo (March 2011) Harnessing the power of fiction to teach science. Chemistry in Australia, 43. See full text in my undergraduate publishing page.