Career highlights

Some highlights of my academic career at the time of launching this site. See the pages on this site for details.

Won a top teaching award
ANU Colleges of Science Award for Teaching Excellence 2012

Edited a book
Doctor Who and Race, forthcoming from Intellect Books 2013

Invited to write an encyclopedia entry
‘Science fiction’ in Springer’s peer-reviewed Encyclopedia of Science Education 2012

Published with second year students in a top journal
‘How do people think about the science they encounter in fiction? Undergraduates investigate responses to science in The Simpsons‘, published in the International Journal of Science Education Part B 2012

Wrote my own courses
SCOM2003, written 2009, first run 2010
and SCOM3003, written 2010, first run 2011

Completed my damn PhD
Enlightenment was the Choice: Doctor Who and the Democratisation of Science, awarded 2010
After 1 change of university, 2 changes of department, 3 office moves, 4 changes of topic, 5 years of study, 6 (million) swear words and 7 years of my life


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